Our Policies

All our products are either free of or contain reduced quantities of known irritating ingredients. Should you be allergic to a certain ingredient and would still like to purchase, do get in contact with us to customise a product. 

We have taken all steps to ensure our products are of the highest quality to our known knowledge and are formulated with great care to ensure all ingredients contribute and are not merely fillers.

We do not believe in testing on animals and all products available are researched thoroughly and tested on ourselves first and foremost. 

Our products are paraben free and some products contain a minimal amount of natural preservative. Because of this, shelf life for our products is reduced and we recommend immediate usage and storage in a clean, dry and cool environment. Should product be kept in a humid warm environment for extended periods of time, you may find that it goes bad. If you do need to store product for an extended period of time, please refrigerate it. 

We freshly handmake our products and do not keep extensive stock. What you receive is guaranteed to be freshly made with extremely minimal holding time. 

We do not believe in artificial colouring or scents. Every product you receive is guaranteed to be free of these items and what you smells or any colour you see will be because of the raw ingredients we use in the product itself. 

We believe in reduction of waste because #savetheplanet! With this in mind, our packaging is reduced to the bare minimum possible when it's shipped out to you and product packaging is made of either recycled or recyclable materials. We encourage reuse of the packaging and offer a special promo should you return the packaging to us for reuse.